Digital AdVan

Digital AdVan

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Digital Advertising Vans from Huge Media are designed and delivered to match your needs. With the addition of a fully functioning Mobile LED Screen, you can truly deliver your message to your target audience at key locations and at events that will deliver a high return on investment.

Our Mobile Digivans come complete with video and audio capabilities, you can deliver static messaging, animation and video giving you the choice on how you want to target specific and popular locations that you are looking to interact with and engage.

As your 8 hour day can be chosen whenever is appropriate,  we can also setup your message to change throughout the day or on consecutive days depending on where you are and what time of the day it is. This helps when you are engaging in a targeted campaign across multiple cities and towns. All the time we will be streaming online content  that can be simple or complex animation With our continued experience and knowledge in the outdoor arena it is a natural progression to deliver digital advertising vans that can target precise locations with knowledgeable placement that will ensure a successful campaign.

Huge Media consistently manages Digital Advan campaigns and works throughout the United Kingdom.

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