Taxi Advertising

Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising is the ideal choice to create an impact, in heavily populated town and city centre locations.  Taxis offers a cost effective solution to your advertising needs, from a four week campaign to a long term promotion.

Take a look at the different types that we offer :


  • Full Livery taxis are the most striking form of advertising on taxis. Full livery taxi advertising campaigns are used to generate long term brand awareness. You create your bespoke design that reflects your brand.  Full Livery taxi wraps are produced on vinyl coverings on whole taxi. Normally, we recommend a 12 month period to maximise the reach for your company, in a non intrusive form..
Full livery Taxi Advertising

  • Supersides –  Superside taxi advertising campaigns normally run for a short period, but have a great impact. This kind of taxi advertising can be bought in blocks, for example ten taxis. You get two supersides per taxi, making it twenty supersides for your campaign. When the taxis travel across the city, pedestrians and other motorists on both sides of the road will be able to see your message very clearly.
    A taxi advertising campaign helps in creating awareness about your product but it also helps in enhancing the overall brand in the market.
Blue Planet Superside Taxi Advertising
  • Interior Tip Seat Adverts 
  • Rear Windows – Rear window taxi advertising is an excellent option to target pedestrians and other motorists using the road. We recommend rear window taxi advertising campaigns to run for about four weeks. We can provide this service free of charge with purchases of 5 Full liveries or more !!
  • Receipt Pads

We only display your adverts on the best taxi drivers cabs. Your advert will be up-kept to the highest standard, ensuring drivers have relevant information regarding the promotion.

Benefits of Taxi Advertising


  • MASS AUDIENCE – Taxis spend up to 90% of their time in town and city centres where high volumes of people will get the opportunity to view your campaign..
  • NON-SELECTIVE MEDIUM – Taxi advertising are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in city centres. Radio is reliant on a listener being on that frequency and press is reliant on a reader looking at a particular page. .
  • ATTENTION GRABBING – Taxi advertising looks fantastic! Create a huge impact on the high street with the ultimate in mobile media advertising.
  • CITY CENTRE DOMINATION – Taxi advertising is at its strongest where other media struggle to get a presence. All ranks are in key retail areas, at train stations and at airports – even when a taxi is waiting at a rank it is working hard for your companies campaign.
  • PRESTIGIOUS – Taxis have to be kept in pristine condition, by law, which means that your campaign will always be seen how you would want it to be seen.
  • POINT OF SALE – Be seen by potential customers at the most influential time – with a high street presence your audience can see your message whilst in spending mode!
  • ADAPTABILITY – From 1 taxi to 1000 taxis, from 1 month to 12 months; taxi advertising provides you with a cost effective solution to those marketing headaches.
  • DIRECT RESPONSE – Interior tip-seats can provide your audience with an opportunity to really find out more about your company – taxi journeys on average are around 15 minutes – what else is there to read?
  • P.R. OPPORTUNITIES – Launching a new product or service? Important client needs picking up? Having a cheese and wine party? Taxis offer an exceptional service in being able to assist your company in creating a lasting and fantastic first impression.
  • LOCATION – Taxi advertising is now present in over 100 major towns and cities so whether it is a local, regional or national campaign you require, we can provide you with the solution you are looking for.
  •  TARGETED – Due to the unique licensing laws regulating taxis, they cannot pick up a fare outside of their registered borough, a campaign can target an area more directly than most other forms of advertising.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – No company has a ‘bottomless pit’ when it comes to marketing. Compared to other forms of outdoor advertising taxis provide a solution to your requirements at a cost that will not break the bank.


Taxi Advertising
Taxi Advertising

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