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Leading Liverpool Advertising Agency

As a leading advertising agency, Huge Media will guide you through every step of your campaign. We excel at providing a seamless service. And are experts in helping you take your message to where your customers are. Using different formats, we will get you seen. To illustrate, that might be in a city centre, a local high street or on the back of a taxi.

Through innovative outdoor advertising, we make sure your brand message or advertising campaign reaches your audience. You will have seen our advertising vehicles on TV, in newspapers and on your local streets. We own and operate a growing fleet. Huge Media's own vehicles include billboard-sized ad-vans, ad bikes and a digital LED ad van.

Customers often choose to boost their campaign by adding our promotional staff to hand out leaflets and samples.

The advertising agency services we provide are among the most effective available. We have run campaigns across the UK and Europe. Outdoor advertising offers one of the best returns on investment for your spend. It achieves this by delivering cost-effective exposure.

Advertising Agency

Examples of our work

Non-Traditional Advertising Agency

Operating from Huge Media towers, we are a team of non-traditional outdoor advertisers. However, as marketing and technology evolve, our digital platform will become the norm for many businesses. The LED billboard allows for several messages and calls to action within a single campaign. Do you dream of bringing your marketing into the 21st century? We are the company to help you realise that.

All our mobile ad-vans allow your message to be seen by more people than a conventional billboard on the street corner. The format also provides excellent content for social media, guaranteed to amplify your marketing efforts.

Advertising Agency

Taxi Advertising & Vinyl Wrapping

We are one of the UK's leading suppliers of taxi advertising. Our technical team has wrapped taxis in every major city in the UK and plenty in our home town of Liverpool. Taxi advertising can be a full livery or just a part of the taxi. Some clients campaigns are specifically suited to placement on the rear window. For instance, specific campaigns would be suitable to use the tip seats inside a cab. Please ask us for advice and ideas.

Design, printing and fitting can all happen at our HQ near John Lennon Aiport in Speke. Through our network of contacts, we have access to fitting centres across the UK. Keeping your vehicles moving and minimising downtime will be a consideration when we come to get your campaign up and running.

In addition to taxi livery and outdoor advertising, we can fit state of the art vinyl wrapping to your company vehicles. We have wrapped cars, vans and bikes. To get your message out there, for example, we can apply your existing company graphics.  Or take it to the next level and we will devise a new exciting idea to interrupt the day of your target audience.

By having an end to end service under one roof - from consultation to design and installation - we are super responsive. Meanwhile, for smaller jobs, we offer a while-you-wait service. In fact, there is plenty of space, fast internet and free coffee at Huge Media Towers.

Digital Printing

We can apply digital print and a selection of premium cast vinyl to virtually any surface - including windows and internal doors. Likewise, it is possible to fit state of the art promotional wraps to almost any surface, putting your message where you want it to be seen.

An innovate design and message give a sense of arrival at your premises. Giving your office or shop a professional look will instil confidence from your customers and potential customers. During the consultation stage of your job you may know exactly what you want. Altrnatively you you can ask us for ideas.

If you require the advice or services of an advertising agency, please speak to us. Our business is to boost your business.  We have been doing just that for ten years. Please contact us for an initial, no-obligation chat about how Huge Media can work with you to reach your goals. Before you sign up with another supplier, ask us to quote for your job. We are realistic and competitive, but are also certain you will not be disappointed.