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Best Place to Get My Car Wrapped in Liverpool?

Huge Media of course!!

So, why do people wrap?

Why are we the best? Don’t ask us, ask our wrap clients, who range from The Police, to News Papers to small local businesses who want to trust in a company with years of knowledge and experience in wrapping, signs and stickers and all the kinds of outdoor advertising to suit diverse and cutting edge needs. A company that understands their advertising needs to get their slogans wrapped on every kind of vehicle out there! Literally out there! On the streets and roads that we all walk along, drive and cycle on every day. Where we sit in cafés and bars every evening. Watching the world go by and the signs, slogans and stickers catch our eye.

In this new high tech universe that we live in, why is wrapping still relevant? Simple, because we still go out! We take taxis and buses, we chat and gossip, we walk along the street and still like a good graphic to pass the time away as we stare out of the front window in a traffic jam or on the dreaded school run! “Ahhhh I need a gardener – that one looks good on the rear window of the taxi” haven’t you ever said this? Yeah, the internet is important of course, but until people stay home all day and all night, wrapping is essential to supercharge your business; at Huge Media we have the skills, the tools and the time to get you out on the streets, to the people who are watching and waiting to be stunned and amazed by your company wraps!

What look are you trying to achieve?

There are many different types of look you can achieve with a car wrap: glossy, satin, matte, brushed, carbon, custom? We can look at what suits your need best and give you advice and guidance as to the best way forward for you, and your business. Always with cost effectiveness, longevity and your target audience at the forefront.

What do we do, and how can we help you find the wrap that suits you?

Taxi Wrapping:
Here at Huge Media Advertising, we can wrap virtually anything! We can deliver your message direct to your clients through our taxi advertising and mobile billboards, but we can also help our clients to brand their own vehicles. This allows 24/7 branding and awareness opportunities for our clients.

Rear screen taxi advertising is a tried and tested way to advertise your brand. It works because we live in a constant flow of traffic and jams – what else is there to do except look at the car in front on the way to work when the traffic is at a standstill?!

The technology used also allows the taxi driver to unimpaired vision through the advertisement. It can be displayed as a full window or as a top or bottom strip depending on your design.

We can give a total new look to your brand or enhance your own art work to fit with the wrap, we are here to help and guide, but ultimately you’re in charge and we want you to be happy. Whatever works for the product or service that you would like to showcase for your company? You can also extend the brand reinforcement, with a rear screen and full livery combined for maximum effect.

Van Wrapping:
We have a modern fleet of Advertising vans targeting Public and Private sector companies throughout the United Kingdom. Our team of helpful drivers will ensure that your campaign runs smoothly, on-time and will help to achieve the maximum publicity from your campaign. Advertising vans are fully mobile 48 sheet billboards on wheels ( 2 x 20ft x 10ft posters plus front and rear panels) ensuring 360 degree visibility. This means that instead of waiting for your target audience to see your campaign we take your message directly to them. With both sides being 200 square feet and having a front and rear panel we can ensure that HUGE numbers of people see your advert.

Bus Wrapping:
Bus wrapping is equally effective for short or long-term awareness campaigns. Companies, Charities, Non-Profits and even the NHS use wrapped vehicles of all kinds. These include buses for raising awareness of a particular product or service. There are many options open to us with bus wrapping. We can use the latest products and technologies for wrapping the whole bus, even the windows. Our state of the art types of vinyl used still allow light in for the people inside, but also allow the people inside to see out!

No one can say that we are not moving with the times either; we are well and truly moving in an environmentally friendly way, and getting on our bikes! Ad bikes are an eco-friendly advertising platform. They deliver your message outdoor on two-sided 6-sheet mobile billboards (1.8M x 1.2M). Right to your target area within direct reach of your customers. This way of advertising is not only efficient but it is telling your target audience you care about the environment, and so, care about them! It is clear, cost effective and caring!

One Last Thing…To wrap or not to wrap?

It is important to know when to choose wrap rather than paint – choosing this type of advertising means it not just a flash in the pan or a thing of today…Our professionally applied wraps can last for many years if maintained correctly. They can also be the gift that keeps on giving, being seen by potentially tens of thousands of people monthly, depending on how you use the vehicle. So, take a look at our website or give us a call on 0151 448 7380 or email us Or just come in and meet us, I’ll get the kettle on and we can chat about wraps!

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