Advertising Agency Rises To The Challenge in December

What a year we have had over at Huge Media Towers! We feel fortunate that we’ve been less affected than some sectors, such as hospitality. We’ve  managed to operate throughout the year, with staff on furlough, off furlough and back on furlough. We can’t lie, it has been challenging but we have managed to keep going.

This month our giant ad vans and eco friendly ad bikes have been busy with public messaging around the pandemic. This has ranged from ‘get tested’ to really important work to keep awareness up of other social issues ranging from domestic violence to exploitation of the vulnerable by drug gangs.

One of our final campaigns of the year has been The Faces of High Street Heroes.

Wirral council had invited the public to nominate their High Street Heroes. There was an outpouring of appreciation for the independent shop keepers who went above and beyond during lockdown. This was something completely different for us to help promote.

But it didn’t stop there; December also saw us delivering a Covid awareness campaign in Stoke, Reading and Kirklees. Our advans were out supporting Merseyside Police. Shoppers and motorists can’t fail to have missed our giant advans raising awareness of Operation Shepherd. The force-wide operation was a high visibility initiative to help tackle crime during the festive season.

It was a privilege to support this initiative in what has been a tough year for many. The last thing anybody wants is to be the victim of crime, more so now than ever before.

Giant Ad Van in Prescot as part of Operation Shepherd.

In Wales we visited four schools. Our vans played a role as outdoor classrooms for CareerCraft that helps schools and councils deliver career planning. We reached hundreds of schoolchildren who braved the cold. Who would ever have thought it?

Careercraft used our digital advan as an outdoor classroom

As we move in to 2021; we are not sure what to expect. But we’d like to assure all our customers and partners that we are still here, with vans and bikes out across the country on a daily basis. Advertising has evolved, as people travel less we can help deliver messages in a hyper-local way.  We look forward, to working with as many of you as possible so we can all grow back stronger next year.

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