Car Wrapping – Liverpool & North West – Your Guide to Customising a Vehicle

Car Wrapping – Liverpool & North West: Huge Media Limited, located near to John Lennon Airport, provides guidance on customising a vehicle.

To help you understand this process we have put this blog together. We explain what all the different terms and phrases mean. Reading it puts you in a position to decide on what and how you want to customise your vehicle. 

We can print virtually anything giving you unlimited options to ‘pimp your ride’ or, if you prefer, tone it down. We also customise business vehicles and there is more info on that and some pictures here

Pimp it Up or Tone it Down

Car Wrapping is increasigly popular in recent years. From Katie Price’s pink Range Rover to 50 Cent’s Versace Lambourghini, vinyl vehicle wrapping puts this kind of styling within the reach of everybody.  

Of course, we regularly supply less flambuoyant designs too!

There are some legitimate reasons to wrap your vehicle, making it a good investment. It’s cheaper than a respray and can actually protect your vehicle to maintain resale value over time.

Below is an explanation of the common terms used to help you decide what is right for you and  your car or van; or even your bike.


This is where the chrome on a vehicle is customised – the silver bits you can often see around the windows or the grille. The common colour used to de-chrome is black.  Gloss, matt and other effects are available. Anything silver such as round the windows, bumpers or other trims and even the brand badge can be changed to the colour or look of your choice. Most of our customers use this technique to give their car a sleeker look.

Car Wrapping

Vinly is applied to your car body when you choose car wrapping. The trend to turn entire cars into a matt black/grey finish is one example. Almost any colour and even the most bizarre patterns are possible. The vinyl is normally applied to all areas of the car body and it lasts for up to seven years. Paintwork underneath is protected. Car wrapping is best applied to vehicles when bodywork is intact.

Car Decals

This is where we apply an image, wording or logo to part of your vehicle. This might be to show your allegiance to a football team, express your personality or to publicise your business or social media. People also use decals to get a message about a cause or personal belief across, often using the rear window. We use a special product to wrap your rear window that will mean you car will still pass its MOT. We can print virtually anything, as long as it isn’t offensive!

Cast Wrap

This is a brand name for a ‘car wrapping’ or ‘vehicle wrapping’; cast wrapping is the same process. We use Cast Wrap SLX by Arlon because it is a state of the art product. Having tried other vinyls we know that SLX will give the best results on your vehicle. And above all, when the time to remove it comes around, the wrap comes off clean. The superior nature of this product has been a gamechanger for Huge Media. We achieve perfect results in less time, meaning you get your car back quicker.

Under One Roof: Car Wrapping – Liverpool & North West

Your final effect will reflect the expertise of the fitting service. At Huge Media, our team can look after the entire process, from design to application. Our in house technicians take care of every aspect for you at Hug Media’s on-site printing facility. We are happy for you to come and see us to discuss your requirements, just give us a call so we know when to expect you 0151 448 7380. Or you can use the form below to drop us a line with any questions.

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