Digital Ad Van Campaign for 38 Degrees: Delivering Justice with Outdoor Advertising

Huge Media recently executed a bespoke Digital Ad Van campaign for the advocacy group 38 Degrees, showcasing our ability to deliver tailored and impactful outdoor advertising. This campaign played a crucial role in 38 Degrees’ mission to highlight the injustices faced by victims of the Post Office Horizon scandal.

Ad Van Campaign Details

To effectively capture attention, Huge Media transformed one of our Digital Advans to resemble a post office van. This involved repainting the vehicle in distinctive post office red and applying the 38 Degrees logos, creating a visual impact that resonated with the public and attendees of the Post Office Horizon Inquiry. The customised van was strategically parked near Aldwych House in London over several days, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

This campaign was part of a larger effort by 38 Degrees to deliver 10,000 postcards calling for justice. By utilising a vehicle that closely resembled a post office van, the campaign effectively communicated its message and generated significant public interest.

Digital Ad Vans – Mobile, High Impact Advertising

Huge Media’s Digital Advan services are designed to offer dynamic, high-impact advertising solutions that capture attention and deliver results. These vans are equipped with high-resolution digital screens capable of displaying vibrant and eye-catching advertisements. Their mobility allows for strategic placement in high-traffic areas, ensuring that the message reaches a broad audience.

For more information on our Digital Ad Van services, visit the Digital Ad Van page.

Other Services Offered by Huge Media

Huge Media offers a range of outdoor advertising solutions to suit various campaign needs, including but not limited to:

Huge Media is committed to delivering innovative and effective advertising solutions that make an impact. Using our cutting-edge outdoor advertising solutions, brands can ensure their messages are seen, heard, and remembered. Huge Media has the tools and expertise to deliver outstanding results.

For more details on our outdoor advertising solutions and to explore how they can help elevate your brand, contact our team today.

Images provided courtesy of Nigel Howard and 38 Degrees. For more information on the campaign, visit 38 Degrees.

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