How To Advertise on a Taxi

Advertising on Taxis

So you have a business, you’re looking at delivering your message to people in a certain area and someone has suggested taxi advertising. Great, you now know you need to go and advertise on a taxi. This means you can put your message in a particular city all day every day. The only problem is, you don’t know how to go about it. Well, let’s answer some of the basic questions here and get you on the path to advertising on a taxi.

Different Types of Taxi Advertising

A metro cab is a large and complex machine, although it may look small to some people. There are a number of different areas to place an advert for maximum delivery of your campaign. It all depends on the type of advert you have and the message you are looking at conveying to potential new customers.

Let’s say you just want brand awareness, you may just want to advertise on the outside. Or if you wanted to sell a product maybe explain about it a little bit more then you are better with an inside advert. The customers can then read a bit of text about your product or maybe even follow QR codes and links to your website. Your company may even be selling cars, then you should be considering a rear window advertising. Car owners then may sit behind the cab and read your message for a few yards or even a few miles.

Different areas of the cab to advertise on may include:

  • Full Livery – This is a full wrap on the outside of the cab. Looks very powerful and striking when passing in the street
  • Superside – This is a full side of the cab with the ability to display a variety of messages
  • Tip Seats – These are the back of the seats inside the cab. Your customer sits oposite and can see the ad through the entire journey.
  • Rear Windows – This was explained in the example above. This is the back window of the cab and most likely to be seen by drivers.

How to Advertise on a Taxi

So now you know the different ways to advertise let’s look at other items you need to understand before purchasing. There are 3 other items to consider now. The length of your advert, your target city and who will design the advert. All of these items directly affect the cost and success of your campaign.

Ads designed by you will save you a little bit of money. However, unless you have a large design department who understand the shape of the cab, you could get this wrong. The length of your advert is also important as the longer you advertise the more it costs. However, if you are advertising for an event you need to consider how appropriate it is for time. If your event is in 2 weeks, will purhcasing a month worth of advertisment be cost effective to you? Believe it or not, we have had customers who over advertise events but they feel it’s appropriate as tickets can be bought for the same event 1 year later.

So now you’ve considered time, design, type of advert and location it’s about time you gave us a call.

Advertise you Business on a Taxi Today

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, recruitment agencies, garages, web designers or mobile phone networks, advertising on taxis can be very powerful and effective for you. If you are considering taxi advertising then just give us a call once you’ve had a good think about the above and we will be happy to give you a quote. Or you can simply fill in the contact form to the right here and one of our sales team will be in touch.

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