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Mobile Billboards Manchester

With over 60,000 impressions on our twitter account yesterday, we are very happy in the Huge Media office.We have been trending in Liverpool, with our hashtag #whoneedsplanes in reference to the lame attempt at mocking Steven Gerrard last year. Planes with banners attached were sent over Anfield in the final throes of the premier league season 13/14, all of this paid for by Manchester United fans.

Commissioned by brand consultancy Clifford French on behalf of Sondico. We placed one of our fleet of Mobile Billboard on hold, the campaign was dependant on the success of Sondico sponsored MK Dons proving victorious against Louis Van Gall’s Manchester United. With the score at 4:0 the campaign was given the green light. Turning around a mobile billboard campaign in 24 hours is very rare (our first time) with a last minute production delivered to our office in the morning  and a basic target of Old Trafford, we successfully pulled off the job and sourced some great pictures outside the ‘Theatre of Dreams’.

Mobile Billboard Manchester


Below is the list of how successful the mobile billboard campaign was for everyone involved, provided by Brand Consultancy Clifford French.

Online Coverage:

Metro Online (MUUs: 29,145,805) 

Express Online (MUUs: 8,000,000)

Daily Star Online (MUUs: 360,747)

Manchester Evening News (MUUs: 5,395,193)

Bleacher Report (MUUs: 2,632,363)

The Sport Bible (MUUs: 1,463,226)

FT Pro (MUUS: 1,321,000)

Milton Keynes Citizen (MUUs: 580,000)

MK Web (MUUs: 15,684)

Backpage Football (MUUs: 10,553)

Football Trade Directory (MUUs: 1,986) 


Twitter Coverage (limited to those above 1,000 followers):

The Lad Bible (Followers: 988,000)

Footy Jokes (Followers: 816,000)

The Sport Bible (Followers: 797,000)

Manchester Evening News (143,000 followers)

MailOnline Sport (Followers: 100,000)

Matthew Ordish (Followers: 47,900)

Metro Sport (Followers: 31,700)

AFC Ollie (Follower: 20,300)

SportsVibe (Followers: 16,100)

Pepper Football (Followers: 6,363)

Ryan Fatone (Followers: 12,000)

Soccer Zone (Followers: 10,400)

Footy Vines (Followers: 6,792)

The 4th Official (Followers: 5,834)

The FL92 (Followers: 2,689)

SportsMax TV (Followers: 2,662)

MENOAFC (Followers: 2,339)

Forza Liverpool (Followers: 1,986)

Craig Lewis (Followers: 1,908)

Football Trade (Followers: 1,421)

RWD (Followers: 1,002)


Facebook Coverage:

The Sport Bible Facebook (Likes: 2,127,894)

Bench Warmers Facebook (Likes: 231,605)

Footy Jokes Facebook (Likes: 82,321)

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