Is the all new Metrocab the future of Taxi Advertising ?

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The Brand New Metrocab


The new Metrocab taxi is “The Best of British Innovation” and Metrocab back this up with a panoramic sunroof, increased boot space, mood lighting and a digital infotainment system. Metrocab have said..

” The new Metrocab is driven by two independent brushless electric motors. A small petrol engine, coupled with a generator – the ‘Range Extender’ – is used to recharge the battery pack or provide power directly to the motors.

Plug-in charging is also achieved via any mains outlet when the taxi is off duty.

Zero-emissions in electric mode and regenerative braking all ensure a low fuel consumption through the course of the working day.

Achieving over 70 mpg on the Public Carriage Office (PCO) Cycle, this technologically efficient taxi offers greater economic benefits for the driver and operator. “

Some of the figures look impressive but the new Metrocab claims to be over three times more efficient than current black cabs. The figures reported claim to have the possibility of saving London cabbies roughly £30 – £40 per day, this seems excessive.

The calculations made Sir Charles Masefield the owner of Metrocab reported by Scott Cambell in the Telegraph equate to approxiamately £14,000 in savings for taxi drivers.

Stupidly,  these expected savings rely on the fact that each Taxi driver would work 200 miles a day for 365 days a year. Metrocab and Transport for London did not consult any of the leading trade associations or drivers in the decision process for production or licensing of the vehicles. With a 4 hour wait to complete a full charge from the 129 rapid charge points in the capital, we are waiting for some solid reviews of the new Metrocab before wading in with our judgement, all we want to do is advertise on them.

Whether the new Metrocab can disrupt the current fragmented taxi market is unclear, if it is a success then it may be the future of taxi advertising. For now, the TX reigns supreme.


Boris Johnson testing out the all new Metrocab.


Metrocab are partnering with ComCab to offer an opportunity to trial drive London’s future taxi.

As London’s largest taxi circuit, ComCab are well positioned to offer affordable rental packages to drivers.

Click here to open the online Metrocab Trial Application form

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