Outdoor Media – Its Role During The Pandemic

Outdoor media has now started to buck the trend. A growing number of organisations see the benefit in taking their messages directly to the streets. 

Fewer commutes are taking place and advertising on transport has been a hard hit sector. The good news is:

Huge Media Advertising has seen a surge in demand for mobile media during July and August, compared to the previous three months. 

During the pandemic advertising has suffered an estimated drop of up to 41%.  Mobile media has started to buck the trend as a growing number of organisations see the benefit in taking their messages directly to the streets. 

This Summer we have already delivered public messaging campaigns tackling subjects including domestic abuse and litter.

Then in August Coronavirus cases started to rise rapidly in parts of the country. Our team was out on the streets again helping get the message across about stopping the spread. As Halifax saw a spike, some local lockdown restrictions were re-imposed. Huge media was called in to boost awareness of the measures. A fleet of eco-friendly Huge Media ad bikes carried critical messages about staying safe and preventing spread of the virus.

Both the Halifax Courier and The Guardian reported on this campaign, demonstrating how the use of mobile media can amplify public messaging campaigns. 

The Halifax Courier reported:

“Mobile billboards are going right into the heart of communities across Calderdale to share important advice about health during the coronavirus pandemic. From Friday 7 to Sunday 9 August, the eco-friendly bikes will be spotted in residential areas that have been most affected by COVID-19, with regular stop-offs in parks, shopping areas and supermarket car parks.”


The Guardian ran a photo of a couple in PPE next to a Huge Media ad bike displaying an advert advising people how to slow the spread of Coronavirus. The campaign in Calderdale was supported by the local community with volunteers handing out leaflets. Messages were further conveyed using signs in shop entrances and taxi window stickers. A letter was sent to all households in the borough. 

Calderdale Councillor Tim Swift said:

“I am confident that the measures we have put in place are having an impact.  Our local communities are working extremely hard with us, to do all they can to limit the spread of the virus and I would like to thank them for their efforts. We’ve also doubled the local testing programme which is allowing us to quickly identify new positive cases.”

Other community leaders praised the use of the eco-bikes for the campaign as a positive step to encourage cycling.

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