Pedal Powered Advertising Bikes

Here at Huge Media Towers, we are always looking to innovate. We strive to help our customers by offering advertising agency services that move with the times. Let us introduce you to our illuminated ad bikes!

Pedal Powered Advertising Bikes Take Your Message Anywhere

Winter is almost upon us once more. By the time it arrives in a few short weeks, the sun will have gone down by 4pm.  With fewer people commuting, the reach of outdoor advertising is coming under pressure. There has never been a more challenging time than Winter 2020 to launch an advertising campaign.

But if you know where you audience is, we can help you take the message direct to them in the most eco-friendly way.

The latest way you can do this is by using our growing fleet of illuminated adbikes.  Ad bikes are an ideal medium to partner with our giant advertising vans. Go little or go large!

These nifty little vehicles can take your message anywhere, catch the eye of your ideal customer and provide a great talking point. Many clients find they provide fab content opportunities for social media.


  • Each billboard measures 1.8 x 1.2 metres
  • The bike is provided with a rider
  • Bikes can park up in a chosen location
  • We can operate during the day and as it turns dark
  • Bikes can be booked by the day, week or campaign
  • Riders can hand out your marketing materials
  • We operate across the UK
  • Bikes can be part of a larger campaign alongside ad vans
  • All design and production takes place in house at Huge Media
  • Great affordable advertising medium for SMEs



These little bikes are the most versatile form of outdoor media in the UK today. To see more of our work take a look here. Or call Neil or Phil on 0151 448 7380 to get a quote for a campaign using our pedal powered advertising bikes.


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