Vehicle Graphics – What does it cost and why should you do it?

how much does it cost to wrap a van

Vechicle graphics or wrapping is carried out for two main reasons:

  • Signwriting your work vehicle to promote your firm or service
  • Wrapping your vehicle for cosmetic reasons, we talk more about this kind of styling on this page

Vehicle Wrapping For Business – What Does it Cost And Why Should You Do It

Vehicle graphics are a way to brand your vehicle, raising awareness to increase enquiries and business is a smart move. Advertising your business this way, gives amazing value for money compared to other forms of promotion. We will work within your budget to bring your vision to life. Give us a call on 0151 448 7380 to discuss your ideas. 

Vehicle Livery for Business

The cost of branding  your vehicle will depend on a number of factors. Adding your logo, contact details and sales message can be done in many different ways.

The less is more option could be a logo on the sides or branding up the rear window. The in-your-face option is a great opportunity to make more of an impression! Cover all or part of your business transport with your identity and even photographs.  Let us know the make and model of your vehicle and any ideas so we can advise what your investment will be. Some ideas and approaches are discussed below.

Signwriting your vehicle is an investment. It will last for years and be seen by potentially thousands of people every day. You car or van is potentially a moving advert just waiting to happen.

In terms of value for money, compared to other advertising forms, a wrapped van or car is a cheap way to get your message across. It is also highly targeted geographically – reaching only people in areas you work or travel in!

We’d love to work with you to make this project exciting and successful. If you know what you want, get in touch on 01514487380 or have a read of the following and drop us a line using the contact form below.

Think about what you want to say

Wrapping your work vehicle is an investment that can last for between five and seven years. It it worth giving some thought to exactly what you want to say.

A logo and website address are a given for most businesses. Adding a phone number and also social media details are also popular.  QR codes are a great way to land people directly on an enquiry page.  Bear in mind a picture says a thousand words so graphics or images that depict you, or your service, are likely to more readily grab the attention of nearby eyeballs!

How much space do you have

We’ll need to know what vehicle you want wrapping. But in advance of that, fitting all those elements listed above will be easier on a van than on a mini. Stay realistic and prioritise what you want to say. Too much information means that it will either be too small or become a blur making it difficult for the viewer to take action.

After all, once you have your new mobile billboard, it needs to be effective.  Cramming information in won’t look professional.

The all-important look and feel 

Are you happy with your existing logo? Are there specific colours you want to stick to? We can design something for you based on any existing brand or logo presence, or give us carte blanche to come up with something new to wow you.

Our design service is included in any price we quote. Before we start we will need some guidance from you so be sure to send your logo and any examples you have to hand of signwriting you like the look of.

Be Brave!

Wrapping your vehicle gives you the opportunity to completely change the look and feel of your van or car. The more eyecatching it is the better the investment will pay off. We also support ideas that are a bit cheeky but for legal reasons we urge you to keep it honest and decent! Once your vehicle is wrapped it offers you great opportunities for PR and social media. So whilst we are’t encouraging you to ruffle any feathers there is nothing wrong with making a few waves.

How Long Will it Take

We understand your time is precious. And if you are a one man band with just a single vehicle you are going to want the job done as soon as possible. If it’s a case of affixing a few logos or similar graphics we can plan to do it whilst you wait. We can agree the design in advance and take payment remotely so it’s printed and ready to fit when you arrive. Here you will find some examples of what can be done whilst-you-wait.

When we wrap a large vehicle with more vinyl you might have to leave your wheels with us for the day. The length of time it will take us depends on the complexity of the design. Interested? If so send us a few details of what you are thinking using the form below and we can make a start in advance. We are based in Hunts Cross near Liverpool John Lennon Airport and have a comfortable, Covid-secure, office space with great internet and coffee while you wait.



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