Who Will be King of Outdoor Advertising in 2018?

Every year, there is a festival that is held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France. It’s called the Cannes Lions and is the Festival of Creativity. Some of the worlds largest companies and brands, submit their advertising to be crowned the kings of creativity across the globe. We are very interested in who challenges for the honour to be named King of Outdoor Advertising.

Awards are listed under many categories from innovation to product design and PR. We enjoy seeing who wins, although we don’t enter the tournament ourselves. There is one category that is of primary interest to us, and it’s Outdoor Advertising. This is the primary revenue stream for our business as our designs only feature on outdoor media.

Last Years Outdoor Winner

Last year the award was claimed by one of the biggest brands on the planet, Twitter! They claimed the aware for their massive range of high reach adverts for the year previous. For example, their election campaign adverts had the whole of the United States, flooding to twitter to air their views on each candidate.

The winners are announced on the 18th of June, and we will bring you the winners as soon as we get them. There is usually a short list, and at the time of writing, it isn’t available for the public to view.

Likely Winners

Although we mentioned Twitter being the Cannes Lions winners in 2017, there are a whole host of different brands who has featured quite prominently outdoors this year. For instance, REI is shortlisted in “The Lion for Change” shortlist. Their campaign “Force of Nature” targetted women as their main subset. It’s unusual for advertisers to target women, this is also why Tesco appeared in the shortlist for this award. Their campaign, “tampon tax off” set a social media meltdown with users loving the way to capture the minds of women inside adverts.

Can I Watch the Cannes Lions Awards?

Well, you can attend if you want. Their website https://www.canneslions.com shows you how you can get tickets. However, if travelling to France isn’t for you, then you can watch the whole ceremony online. It’s spread over four days from the 18th of June – 22nd of June 2018, with the winners of the outdoor advertising category, being announced on the first day.

All entrants are judged live for all to see then a winner announced. So it can be quite an enjoyable watch for those who love advertising.

Update to the Winners of the King of Outdoor Advertising Contest

Check out all of the winners here https://www.lovethework.com/2018 especially keen on the winner of the King of Outdoor Advertising.

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