Why it’s never been a better time to advertise on taxis

We’re so glad here at Huge Media Towers to see so many people back in work. Real people back shopping in cities, fans back at stadiums, and most importantly the night life is back!  With UK residents put off by the ongoing red tape and difficulties travelling abroad, cities are seeing a resurgence in ‘Staycationers’ using the  Iconic Great British Black Cab for transport.

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Yes, admittedly driver numbers are down from 2019, but that means the remaining drivers are working for longer. Plus, we’ve found Huge Media drivers are out now to recoup any losses from 2020.

You too can make a comeback with a loud splash of colours for an outstanding full livery taxi, or for high frequency a superside campaign conveying your message to the masses. 

Branded taxis spend their time in the busiest parts of a town or city reaching a concentrated and mixed audience, giving a premium on their spend. Taxi advertising has the potential to capture an entire city’s audience. Online, Press, Radio, TV, and Digital formats all have their own benefits, but none can match the impact and universal coverage of advertising on iconic black cabs.

Your branded taxis can also be hired out for PR activities or collecting important clients from airports and train stations..

So, all hail the great British taxi, and get those fingers dialling 0151 448 7380 to get your brand back and on the road.

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