Cardiff Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising and Cardiff taxi advertising will reach passengers, pedestrians, commuters and motorists. Below we explain the different options available.

Cardiff Taxi Advertising

Taxi Advertising Cardiff: What does Huge Media Offer?

Advertising on a single taxi or a fleet of taxis is a proven way to reach a target audience. Is is far more cost effective than other forms of advertising because of the longevity of the campaign. An eye-catching design will not only be seen by taxi passengers but also other motorists. There are different options to choose from depending on the scale of your budget and requirements.

  • Full Taxi Livery/Wrap – A striking way to advertise your message and brand. Calls to action can be adde to flip seats and with five or more taxis we include the rear window branding for free. This part of the taxi wrap has to be done in a particular material to be approved by taxi licensing. To maximise brand recall and boost awarness effectively advetisers should consider taking a taxi wrap for a 12 month period. Many branded taxis become talking points in the city giving your campaign cut through. And of course they make amazing visual content for social media.


  • Super Sides – these sizeable panels on each side of the taxi give great value for money. A campaign can be highly effective for a shorter period of time. This kind of Cardiff taxi advertising is best bought in blocks of five or ten taxis. With two supersides per taxi, you’d get ten or twenty mobild adverts respectively. As taxis travel around they boost awareness of your campaign with motorists, pedestrians and commuters seeing it multiple times.


  • Rear window taxi advertising is grat to target pedestrians and other motorists. A four week camapaign would be the minimum time to get your message across effectively.

Huge Media has been delivering taxi advertising campaigns throughout the UK and Cardiff for more than a decade.

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