Coventry Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising Coventry & Across the UK is supplied by Huge Media. Taxi advertising is an effective media to catch the attention of passengers, pedestrians and other motorists on the street of any town or city.

Taxi Advertising Coventry

Coventry taxi advertising on offer

Advrtising on a taxi is a flexible way to target your customers. A slick design your taxi advertising will reach passengers as well as other motorists, commuters and pedestrians.  The options you can choose include:

  • Adverts on the tip seats inside the taxi – these work well for QR codes
  • An advert designed especialy for the rear window of a hackney carriage
  • Super Sides which are like to good sized mobile billboards
  • Wrap the full taxi with your brand and message

The Full Livery option is the most strickig form. But for lesser budgets you can still make a real impact, this is the power of taxi advertising. Wrapping a taxi is particularly effective at generating long-term brand awareness. We help you design a bespoke wrap to reflect your brand and message.  Full Livery taxi wraps are produced on vinyl and can completely cover the cab (not the windows!) Booking for a 12 month maximises the impact and brand recall.

Supersides are a great way to run a geographically based campaign. Target your message to a certain city or town, encouraging yoru target audience to take action. Advertising campagins are bought in blocks of a number of taxis, so five taxi will give you ten mobile adverts. As taxis ferry around the city, pedestrians and other motorists all around will be able to see your message. A taxi advertising campaign such as this will creating awareness about your product or service.  It also helps to enhance your brand awareness and recall.

Rear window taxi advertising is an excellent option to target pedestrians and other motorists using the road. We recommend rear window taxi advertising campaigns to run for about four weeks. We can provide this service free of charge with purchases of 5 Full liveries or more.

Huge Media consistently manages taxi advertising campaigns and works throughout the United Kingdom.

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