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Coventry Taxi Advertising

As taxis navigate through Coventry’s streets,  taxi advertising grants your brand unmatched visibility at a cost-effective rate. The adaptability of taxi advertising packages further boosts its attractiveness, marking it as a preferred choice for many burgeoning businesses in the city.

What Huge Media Can Do For You

Armed with our rich experience in offering complete taxi advertising solutions, we have much to offer our clients. Here’s a snapshot of the services we provide.

End-to-End Taxi Advertising Solutions

Acknowledging your business's fast-paced demands, we present a tailor-made taxi advertising solution. Our offerings range from the design and production of your advertising materials, collaborating with local Coventry taxi operators, to applying the liveries. We take the hassle out of driver payouts by managing it on your behalf.

Full Livery Taxi Branding

For those desiring a striking advertising impact, the full-livery taxi wrap is ideal. Utilising our premium and vivid vinyl wraps, we can modify a taxi to resonate with your brand's ethos. This makes the vehicle - and your brand - stand out from the crowd,

Superside Advertising

Encompassing both elongated sides of the taxi, these ads provide two advertising spaces on one vehicle. This means that potential customers will be able to see your branding in both directions around the busy city centre.

Rear Window Taxi Adverts

Rear window advertisements, strategically positioned, are extremely effective. These ads are often in a person’s field of vision for longer than full livery or superside ads. We typically advise a four-week cycle for these ads. Choose five or more taxi liveries with Huge Media, and we'll include the rear window promotion at no extra charge.

Taxi Seat Ads

Leveraging the taxi's inner tip seat for promotions targets an engaged audience. Taxi seat ads are a prime slot to serve interactive content to passengers. Add a QR code or steer them towards your web and social content, leveraging the likelihood of them browsing on their mobile devices.

Branded Taxi Receipts

Whether employed as a primary marketing tool or an element of an expansive strategy, branded taxi receipts seamlessly transition your brand into the hands of prospective clients. With many receipts being retained by business travellers, this tactic proves particularly beneficial for businesses in Coventry's hospitality or entertainment sectors.

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What Our Clients Say

Superb professional advertising company we advertised our business on there large vans for 4 four days with superb results we spoke and booked with neil who explained everything in detail we now use them once per month as they are the cheapest in the country by far.

    Stephen Mcconville


    Excellent company and staff really friendly and helpful. Huge Media has a good choice of advertising options to suit all kinds of campaigns and are excellent value for money.

      Marcel Efrain


      5* Company with A 5 Star Review! Neil is really helpful & knows his stuff.

        Solo Car Sales


        These lads to a great job and and trust their customers. Would recommend this company to anyone.

          Neil Coyle


          Huge Media

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