Edinburgh Taxi Advertising

Edinburgh Taxi advertising

Taxi advertising in Edinburgh will capture the attention of passengers, pedestrians, motorists and other commuters. Huge media offers a variety of advertising formats for your campaign.


What forms of advertising do we offer?

Taxi advertising takes your message to your target audience.  Customise a high impact design to focus on passengers, commuters, pedestrians and other drivers. Options for taxi advertising in Edinburgh include:

  • Full Taxi Livery/Wrap
  • Super sides
  • Rear window taxi advertising

Full Livery taxis are the most eye-catching way to advertise on a taxi. Full livery taxi advertising campaigns generate solid brand awareness. By applying creativity, a design can capture your brand DNA. Full Livery taxi wraps cover the entire taxi in vinyl. A 12 month campaign will maximise the reach for your company, building great brand awareness over time.

Superside taxi advertising campaigns are normall bought for a shorter period of time. Because a campiagn normally comprises a number of taxis, with two sides per taxi, you have a mobile advertising campaign. Taxis are bought in blocks, for example five or ten taxis.   As your fleet travels around Edinburgh, pedestrians and other motorists on both sides of the road will be able to see your message very clearly.

A taxi advertising campaign boosts awareness about your product, plus elevates your brand in a crowded market.

Rear window taxi advertising is an excellent option to target pedestrians and other motorists using the road. We recommend rear window taxi advertising campaigns to run for about four weeks. We can provide this service free of charge with purchases of 5 Full liveries or more.

Huge Media consistently manages Edinburgh Taxi campaigns and we work with taxi fleets throughout the United Kingdom.

All information in regards to taxis is available here Taxi Advertising

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