Glasgow Taxi Advertising

Glasgow taxi advertising has been on offer from Huge Media for more than a decade. We have run many campaigns in the city and also across the UK when Glasgow is just one of a number of taxis.

Taxi advertising is a highly effective way to interrupt the day of your target audience. Below we discuss some of the formats available. We can provide one taxi, to a full fleet!

Taxi Advertising in Glasgow with Huge Media.
Taxi Advertising in Glasgow with Huge Media.

Glasgow Taxi Advertising: What to think about 

Taxi advertising is a great option to reach a target audience in a particular town or city. As well as reaching taxi passengers, the right creative execution will reach other motorist, commuters and pedestrians. The different options are suitable for different campaign objectives and varying budgets.

They include:

  • Full Taxi Livery/Wrap
  • Super Sides
  • Rear window taxi advertising

Full Livery taxi wraps are a a highly visible way to get your message across. These campaigns are used to generate long-term brand awareness. We help you craft a stricking desigh that can reflect your brand, amplify your message and even include a call to action. A wrapped taxi gives you great PR and social media content. By producing vinyl wraps we cover an entire tax. Leaving them in place for a 12 month period will maximise campaign reach.

Supersides are great for campaigs that need to deliver fast results. Because supersides are typically taken across a number of taxis, impact is intant and gives great recall. Pedestrians, drivers and commuters will see your message mulitple times. A five-taxi campaign  gives you ten mobile advertising hoardings and a ten taxi campaign twenty mobile adverts. As with other cities, Glasgow taxi advertising can be bought in blocks.

Rear window taxi advertising gives grat value for money. It is an excellent way to taget people in a certain geographical area. Rear window taxi advertising campaigns can be effective in as little as four weeks. We can provide this service on a complimentary basis when you purchase five full liveries or more.

Huge Media cmanages taxi advertising campaigns across the uk United Kingdom and has experience of running advertising campaigns in Glasgow.

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