Liverpool Taxi Advertising

Liverpool Taxi Advertising at realistic prices. Please note we operate in Liverpool and every major city. We can access single taxis or a full fleet. For campaigns of five or more taxis, we offer complimentary rear window advertising when you take the supersides.

Advertising on taxis is guaranteed to catch the attention of pedestrians, passengers, commuters and other motorists. We have worked with small businesses to big brands and local authorities to colleges and schools. See below for the different formats available to get your message on a taxi.

Liverpool Taxi Advertising: Formats 

Place your message on a taxi. You can consider several options:

  • Full Taxi Livery/Wrap
  • Super sides
  • Rear window taxi advertising

Full Livery

A striking form of advertising that becomes a focal and talking point! Full livery taxi advertising campaigns are highly effective at generating long term brand awareness.  The specially produced vinyl covers the entire taxi.  Ideally committing to 12 months will maximise brand awareness, giving the wow factor in a non-intrusive form.

Superside Advertising

This taxi advertising campaign type typically runs for a shorter period of time. The production cost is less than a full wrap making it great value for money as it still guarantees an impact.  This kind of Liverpool taxi advertising can be bought in block of, say, five or ten taxis. Each taxi has two supersides, like mobile billboard advertising. Complimentary rear window advertising is included with campaigns across five taxis or more.

Rear Window

Taxi advertising on rear windows is a great way to tarted pedestrians and other motorists. We recommend a minimum of four weeks for a rear window campaign.

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Huge Media offers taxi advertising campaigns across the United Kingdom. All information in regards to taxis is available here Taxi Advertising

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