London Taxi Advertising

London Taxi Advertising – Guaranteed to catch the attention of passengers, pedestrians and other motorists.

Taxi Advertising in London

London Taxi Advertising – What’s available?

Placing your message on a taxi is an effective way to target your audience. Taxi advertising reaches passengers, pedestrians and other commuters and drivers.  The options that we describe more fully below, include:

  • Full Taxi Livery/Wrap
  • Super Sides
  • Rear Window Taxi Advertising
  • Tip Seat Taxi Advertising

Full Livery taxis are the most striking form of advertising on taxis. Campaigns are great to generate long-term brand awareness. A bespoke design to reflects your brand or campaign will create an impact – this works from one taxi to an entire fleet depending on your budget.  Full Livery taxi wraps are on vinyl coverings; you can utilise the whole surface area of the cab body for your design. By taking 12 months, you will maximise the reach for your company, creating long term brand awareness.

Superside taxi advertising campaigns typically run for shorter campaign time. The production cost is less, but side-wraps provide substantial impact. This kind of London taxi advertising can is bought in blocks. For each taxi you get both sides of the cab.  For a ten taxi campaign, twenty supersides will give you a great reach. Meanwhile, when the taxis navigate the city, the supersides ensure your message is visible to both sides of the road.

London & Every Major City To Get Your Message Across

A taxi advertising campaign creates awareness about your product; most importantly, it gives your brand a significant boost in that city.  If you would like to run a multi-city campaign, get in touch as we offer taxi and other forms of outdoor media in every major UK city.

Free Rear Window Taxi Advertising

With a campaign of five or more taxis, Huge Media will pay for rear window advertising on each vehicle. Consequently, this increases the reach of your message among pedestrians and other motorists and commuters.

Huge Media frequently manages London taxi advertising campaigns and works throughout the United Kingdom.

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