Wolverhampton Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising Wolverhampton – Taxi Advertising is a fantastic way of generating brand awareness for your business.

Wolverhampton Taxi Advertising

What forms of taxi advertising do we offer in Wolverhampton?

Taxi advertising offers you some options to target your customers. You can now design your taxi advertising to not only focus on the passengers inside the taxi but also other motorists. There are different options that you can choose from. They include:

  • Full Taxi Livery/Wrap
  • Super Sides
  • Rear window taxi advertising
  • Tip Seat Adverts

Full Livery taxis are the most striking form of advertising on taxis. Full livery taxi advertising campaigns are used to generate long-term brand awareness. You create your bespoke design that reflects your brand.  Full Livery taxi wraps are produced on vinyl coverings on the whole taxi. Usually, we recommend a 12 month period to maximise the reach for your company.

Superside taxi advertising campaigns typically run for a shorter period but can have a significant impact. This kind of taxi advertising in Wolverhampton can be bought in blocks, for example, ten taxis. You get two supersides per taxi, making it twenty supersides for your campaign. When the taxis travel across the city, pedestrians and other motorists on both sides of the road will be able to see your message very clearly.
A taxi advertising campaign helps in creating awareness about your product, but it also helps in enhancing the overall brand.

Rear Window Taxi Advertising is an excellent option to target pedestrians and other motorists using the road. We recommend rear window taxi advertising campaigns to run for about four weeks. We can provide this service free of charge with purchases of 5 Full liveries or more!

Tip Seat Advertising Tip seat advertising can be carried out in very small targeted campaigns on multiple vehicles. We advise a minimum 20 taxis in tip seat campaigns, which can start from only one-month durations.

Huge Media consistently manages taxi advertising campaigns and works throughout the United Kingdom.

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