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As an advertising or marketing agency working with large clients, it is often necessary to outsource some of the groundwork to another company. This makes perfect sense, of course – if you’re going to deliver a first-class service to your clients, you should make use of a first-class advertising partner. We are happy to work with you on your creative vision, producing high-quality outdoor advertising solutions to meet the unique needs of your client.

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We specialise in outdoor advertising,having earned a reputation for quality service and exceptional results among our extensive customer base. As such, we have much to offer you and your clients.

Every outdoor advertising package is unique and tailored to meet the specific requirements of you and your client. These are just some of the services we provide:

Vehicle Wrapping

Eco-Friendly Ad Bikes

Advertising Vans

Digital Advans

Mobile Billboards

Bus Wrapping

Taxi Advertising

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Common Problems Experienced by Business Owners and Marketing Teams

Campaigns Going Over Budgets

Your budget is already set by your client, so if your outdoor advertising client cannot stick to it, you are left with the embarrassing choice of renegotiating your budget or leaving yourself out of pocket, neither of which is a good thing.

Not Having An Impact

If you’ve made promises to your client, you need to make sure your advertising partner can meet them. All too often, you find yourself working with a firm that just doesn’t have the number of vehicles necessary to produce the results required of them.

Creatives Are Not Brand Matched

If you instruct your advertising partner to produce bespoke marketing materials for your client, they need to know they can be trusted. Are they just going to grab a low-quality image online and reproduce it? If so, that can tarnish your client’s brand and your own reputation as an agency.

Low-Quality Output Is Cheapening Your Clients’ Brand

Relying on a third party to apply taxi liveries and vehicle wraps can be a risky proposition. Can you be sure that they will produce quality vinyl wraps fitted to perfection? Or will you end up with blurry logos, misaligned text, and half the image obscured by a petrol cap?


If you’re not monitoring the various taxis, ad vans, and mobile billboards that you're paying for, can you really be sure they are being put to use? Can you depend on your advertising partner to tell the truth, and are they able to provide evidence if requested to?

Are You Complying With Local Legislation?

Local areas have different rules and regulations when it comes to outdoor advertising. If you don’t know what those rules are before you start your campaign, you risk wasting your clients money on something that can’t be done.

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How Huge Media Can Help

Always Stick To Budgets

We are open and honest with our clients from the outset, especially when it comes to budgets. Our fees are exactly as they appear to be, with no hidden charges later down the line. We always meet our budgets, tailoring our campaigns to meet your client’s requirements and affordability.

Relationships, Experience, and Media Ownership

We have good relationships with most of the large taxi companies operating in the UK, which means we are always able to get plenty of cars on the road bearing your clients’ livery. As far as our ad vans, eco-friendly ad bikes, and mobile billboards are concerned, we own the entire fleet, meaning you can rely on us to send them where they need to be without any delays or fuss.

In House Team of Creatives

While we are happy to reproduce your client’s existing marketing materials, we also have our own in-house team of graphic artists and designers who are capable of working to brand guidelines and tight deadlines. All original material is of the highest quality, created by seasoned professionals.

High-End Equipment and Experience

Whether using our original artwork or reproducing your client’s advertising materials, everything we use in our marketing campaigns has to meet our own exacting standards. Our print shop creates high-DPI prints of crystal clarity onto hard-wearing vinyl stock, which is then UV-treated and laminated for optimal protection. Our digital ad vans use high-resolution LED screens to ensure they deliver the same high standard.

We Keep Track

When we make a promise to our clients, we make sure we stick to it. All our advertising vehicles are tracked throughout your campaign, so you can be sure that they are in the field and working for your client. We even take the extra step of photographing them in action for your added peace of mind. Here at Huge Media, we are all about accountability, so we are happy to provide you with a post-campaign analysis upon request.

Local Knowledge

With our decades of experience in the business, we have built good relationships with councils and local authorities across the UK. This helps us get a better understanding of local advertising bylaws in specific areas and saves you from wasting your clients time and money by advertising in a restricted neighbourhood. It also means we know who to contact should we need to get specific approval for a given campaign.

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