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If you’re the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you know how important it is to get fresh eyes on your brand. As important as your loyal customers are to your bottom line, the only way to achieve and maintain growth is to make new people aware of your products or services. The right advertising solution, delivered by experienced professionals, can help you break into new markets and reach new customers.

That’s where Huge Media comes in.

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What Huge Media Can Do For You

With decades of experience in traditional and digital advertising between us, Huge Media has much to offer SMEs and marketing teams across the UK. We work closely with you to develop an outdoor marketing campaign that suits your business needs and your budget, optimising potential leads and maximising exposure for your brand.

Every outdoor advertising package is unique and tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company. These are just some of the services we provide:

Vehicle Wrapping

Eco-Friendly Ad Bikes

Advertising Vans

Digital Advans

Mobile Billboards

Bus Wrapping

Taxi Advertising

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Common Problems Experienced by Business Owners and Marketing Teams

Campaigns Going Over Budgets

Advertising is all about getting the maximum return on your investment. Hiring a company that can’t stick to your budget can negatively affect your growth while rarely delivering any additional benefits.

Not Having An Impact

The key to successful outdoor advertising is getting eyes on your business. If your advertising partner doesn’t have enough cars or vans on the road, you won’t see any appreciable uptick in customers.

Creatives Are Not Brand Matched or Produce Low-Quality Output

If your outdoor advertising is comprised of low-quality reproductions or fails to match your company branding, it reflects poorly on you. Cheap-looking advertising leads potential customers to think your brand is also cheap.


If your outdoor advertising is mobile, such as on the side of a bus, local taxis, or a dedicated ad van, how can you be sure you’re getting what you paid for? Do you ever see them when you’re out and about? Are you being shortchanged?

Are You Complying With Local Legislation?

Different areas of the country have different rules for what can be advertised and where. Local councils often have a list of products and services that cannot be advertised in certain neighbourhoods due to ongoing social concerns. Do you know the rules in your target area?

Are You Relevant?

Knowing who your target audience is and the right places to reach them is a cornerstone of any marketing campaign. There’s little point in advertising a new casino outside a primary school or contraception at a baby fair. Can you target your campaign for maximum results?

Examples of Our Work


How Huge Media Can Help

Always Stick To Budgets

With decades of experience between us in the outdoor advertising industry, we know how to accurately price a campaign. We are open and transparent with our clients, letting them know exactly what their money will get them and tailoring their campaign to match their needs.

Relationships, Experience, and Media Ownership

We have solid contacts with most of the large taxi companies around the UK to ensure we have plenty of cars on the road. Not only that, we have our own fleet of ad vans and mobile digital billboards, as well as ad bikes and riders, to maximise exposure for your brand.

In House Team of Creatives, High-End Equipment, and Experience

At Huge Media, we don’t just print off reproduction advertising materials. We have our own in-house team of creatives that is used to working with brand guidelines and operating under short deadlines. We are meticulous in our attention to detail, scrutinising all artwork to make sure it’s of the highest quality. We have our own equipment for producing high-DPI prints, all of which are UV-treated and laminated for long-lasting liveries. Our ad vans use high-resolution LED screens to ensure they look great at all times.

We Keep Track

When you hire Huge Media for your outdoor advertising campaign, you get what you pay for. All of our vehicles are tracked and inventoried, so we can be held accountable for the amount of coverage your brand receives. We will photograph them in the field as further proof that your money is being well spent. We also provide you with a full post-campaign analysis, ensuring that we deliver what we promise.

Local Knowledge

We work with councils and local authorities all over the UK and have built up a good relationship with many of them. We know what can and can’t be advertised in certain areas due to local laws or guidance. We also know who to speak to to get approval for specific campaigns. This means you don’t end up wasting time or budget on a non-starter.

We Know What Works

When it comes to outdoor advertising, we are the experts. We have extensive experience running all manner of campaigns for companies and organisations of every size. We understand geographic areas, advertising media, people’s behaviour, and how these three components link together. Our insights into demographics will allow you to identify the right audience for your service or product, while our campaign team will ensure it gets seen by the right people.

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