Huge Media is Outdoor Advertising.

With our wide range of media platforms we can assist you with any aspect of marketing or promotion for your product or service across the UK. This can be achieved in many ways as we offer an inhouse graphic design service. I imagine you have seen the majority of our products whilst carrying out your day to day routine. Have you spotted an iconic London style Black Cab or, a non – traditional 48 sheet billboard-sized Ad van, Ad Bikes or even a fantastic Digital LED Ad Van? 

Just a small insight into some of the services that we at Huge Media Advertising offer, plus we can now help with any printing or signage requirements that you have.

Take your message to your customers

Along with the campaign we can also look to include promotional staff, giving customers free samples, or flyers to get your message out. This type of experiential marketing can be highly effective. We have run campaigns across the UK and even Europe, maximising company exposure. We take your message to where your customers are.

Innovative Outdoor Advertising Solutions

At HUGE MEDIA we consider ourselves non-traditional outdoor advertisers. However, as marketing and technology move forward, our digital platform will become the norm for many businesses. We specialise in Taxi Ads along with our huge traditional billboard-sized Ad Vans, which allow your message to be seen by more people than the conventional billboard on the street corner. If you dream of bringing your ads into the 21st century then we are the company to contact. We are specialists in innovative large format print solutions.

Our mission is to assist businesses of any size experience the HUGE marketing benefits of non-traditional outdoor adverts. We specialise in promoting brands, products and targeted campaigns using our exclusive fleet of Mobile Advans and Black Cabs across the UK. We can even use your own company vehicles, to help promote your business and also continually promote your brand.