Branded Taxi Receipts

Huge media has run many successful large scale advertising campaigns, across all forms of taxi advertising. Receipt pads work as a stand-alone initiative or as part of a more extensive campaign. Taxi Receipt branding puts your brand, or offer, directly in the hands of potential clients.

Branding receipt pads give you the opportunity to build loyalty by offering taxi receipts as a souvenir; this works in tourist cities such as London and Liverpool. Whereas in metropolitan areas, branded pads can offer passengers money-off or a joining offer.

Receipt pads are typically designed specifically for your campaign so shape, size and colour can be bespoke. This type of activity is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on potential consumers.

Professional business people make up a large percentage of the taxi passenger population, and they will generally ask the driver for a receipt. With the compulsory installation of credit card machines in all Licensed Taxis in the UK, this is becoming a unique way of reinforcing your brand right to the end-user within many finance departments of large firms.

Make your receipt unique and include QR codes, web addresses and offers. Receipt pads are an affordable addition to your marketing activity.