Digital Advans

Digital Ad Vans deliver your company’s  message directly to your target audience.

Huge Media’s mobile LED screen will push your message to a wide range of different demographic. Just imagine the possibilities, we can put the van in different locations such as football grounds and city centres. With such a focused way of targeting people while in the spending mood, you can get a fantastic return on investment. Digital ad vans are also a superb way to boost public service message, take a look at the results we achieved on this anti-litter campaign.

What is a Digital Advan?

A digital ad van or digivan is a giant LED screen. This screen is mobile as mentioned previously, so you can take it anywhere you want. The board doesn’t just deliver a bright picture; you can display a moving image. This means you can have video and audio playing out on your advertising campaign. Imagine parking this up in a city centre location with your advert playing out loud for all to see and hear.

Videos are a great advertising tool as they allow engagement with your potential customer. See our video below for a campaign we ran for Edinburgh Zoo; this came with the full experiential marketing experience. Customers could board the bus and get face painting along with other activities.

Why Use Our Digital Ad Vans?

Our own depot with our in-house design team allows us the flexibility to achieve different outcomes for our own clients. Our own printing and installation staff allow us to be flexible with our customers. We can run campaigns to suit any length anywhere in Europe. Flexibility also includes price, as we own the vans we can accommodate most budgets with campaigns from as little as 1 day. A We have 10 vehicles of our own, but also have agreements in place with other operators which enables us to deliver massively targeted campaigns in multiple locations or even blanket coverage of a particular event or City.

Our vehicles operate on flexible 8-hour shift patterns. This means that we could potentially be delivering your message outside a football ground, before and after the game. We can then head over to a local concert venue later that evening. This would enable you to target different demographics for your product or service on the same day.

The Ad Van is Yours

As your 8 hour day can be chosen whenever is appropriate we can also set up your message to change throughout your campaign. You can rotate the ads depending on the part of the city you’re in or time of the day it is. This helps when you could potentially be engaging in a targeted campaign across multiple cities and towns. The content you choose to stream can be a simple digital video or a complex animation. Combine that with our continued experience and knowledge in outdoor advertising, we will push your campaign in the best way possible.

Get in Touch

Huge Media consistently manages a variety of Digital Ad Vans running many different campaigns. If you have any more questions or want to get a campaign moving then please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We will get your campaign moving very quickly

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