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Eco-Friendly Ad Bikes Available Across the UK

Eco-friendly ad bikes are an advertising platform that is increasingly in demand. These quirky vehicles are eye-catching, not just on the street but also splashed across your social media accounts. More versatile than other forms of outdoor advertising, they can reach locations (and customers) that ad vans and mobile billboards can’t, such as shopping centres, venue forecourts, and pedestrianised zones.

Environmental issues are at the forefront of national debate, and it’s important for companies large and small to display their green credentials prominently for their customers. Eco-friendly ad bikes allow you to do just that, as well as get the word out about your latest event, product, or service.

Your advertisement appears on two-sided 6-sheet mobile billboards (1.8m x 1.2m), making it highly noticeable as our rider cycles around town or stops off at a specified location. Save money and the planet with an eco-friendly ad bike campaign.

What Huge Media Can Do For You

With years of experience in outdoor advertising under our collective belts, we know what makes an impression on the public. We provide an end-to-end marketing solution that focuses your budget where it will do the most good and offer the best return. This is what you can expect from us:

Targeted Outdoor Advertising

Eco-friendly ad bikes are a versatile way to get your message seen by your target audience. Our crew of riders and bikes can cover city and town centres, site openings, sports events, shows and exhibitions, concerts, product launches, and more. They can even carry a stock of samples with them to hand out to the public as a form of experiential marketing for your brand.

Experienced Riders

We don’t just pick any old rider off the street and hope for the best. All our riders are hand-picked for the role as enthusiastic, self-motivated, and experienced cyclists. We treat our eco-frienfly ad bike riders well, knowing that the success of the campaign rests on their shoulders.

Local, Regional, and National Campaigns

However large or small your intended campaign is, Huge Media has the resources to field enough eco-friendly ad bikes to get the job done. Choosing two-wheeled bicycles over the more commonplace three-wheeled ad trikes means our riders can operate in all weather conditions, delivering your message come rain or shine.

See Where Your Money Is Going

With Huge Media, you don’t just see your advertising materials and our fleet of ad bikes during the creation and production process. We provide you with photographic evidence of our eco-friendly ad bikes on location, doing exactly what you’ve paid us to do. We also offer post-campaign analysis, allowing you to see just how much of a return you've made on your investment.

Competitive pricing

Our eco-friendly ad bikes are available at a much more cost-effective price than those of our competition. Our fee covers the cost of the bikes themselves, the riders, and full insurance coverage for both (including personal, property, and public liability). With Huge Media, there are no hidden costs or additional charges, just a single fee agreed up front.

Why Choose Huge Media?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us when planning to incorporate eco-friendly ad bikes into your marketing campaign. We have our own fleet of bikes and riders, ready for deployment as soon as your advertising materials are finalised.

We work closely with you to develop a campaign that offers the best return on investment and fits within your budget constraints.

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Superb professional advertising company we advertised our business on there large vans for 4 four days with superb results we spoke and booked with neil who explained everything in detail we now use them once per month as they are the cheapest in the country by far.

    Stephen Mcconville


    Excellent company and staff really friendly and helpful. Huge Media has a good choice of advertising options to suit all kinds of campaigns and are excellent value for money.

      Marcel Efrain


      5* Company with A 5 Star Review! Neil is really helpful & knows his stuff.

        Solo Car Sales


        These lads to a great job and and trust their customers. Would recommend this company to anyone.

          Neil Coyle


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