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They say that reality is what you make it, and that is certainly true when it comes to marketing. In today’s digital age, even the most modest advertising campaign can have a huge impact if handled correctly. Here at Huge Media, we are always looking for exciting and innovative ways to maximise our customers’ return on investment, and one of the most popular is the swarm event.

Combining traditional taxi advertising methods with a guerilla marketing approach, swarm events attract attention from bystanders, making them a popular approach for product launches, conventions, trade shows, and other location-specific events.

In a nutshell, a swarm event involves flooding a particular part of a town or city with branded vehicles so that, every time you look, you will see a car, bus, or taxi with your logo on it. It often makes for a bizarre spectacle, which is, of course, the point. It’s the sort of thing that attracts attention, both at the venue and online, with people recording, posting, and recording the odd sight of dozens of identical vehicles all in the same place.

What Huge Media Can Do For You

Swarm events are a relatively new phenomenon but have proven to be highly effective, offering an incredible return on investment. Here at Huge Media, we have perfected the art of the swarm event, giving it our own unique twist to create a tailored PR opportunity. These are just some of the services we provide.

Branded Taxi Pickups

If you’re attending media or corporate events where there will be plenty of targets also in attendance, be sure to have one of your own vehicles pick you up and drop you off. If you know any local influencers, arrange to have them collected by your branded taxis as well, so your logo will always be in the shot when they exit the vehicle.

Focussed Taxis

Instead of pulling up at a taxi rank to wait for a fare, we instruct the drivers of your branded taxis to always be on the move around a specific part of the town or city. By doing this, it creates the impression of a solid and influential brand with deep market penetration.

Competitor Targeting

By instructing a local taxi firm to only use your branded vehicles for the space of an hour or so, you can effectively commandeer a town or city centre. We focus on a particular area, having the taxi drivers form a convoy to make it seem as though your brand is omnipresent.

Targeted Convoys and Swarming

The perfect approach for trade shows and product launches. We keep your branded taxis in a specific location for a fixed period of time, making sure they are seen by your target audience at every possible opportunity. Make it seem as though your brand is unforgettable by flooding the location with your logo.

Why Choose Huge Media?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us to arrange your PR and swarm events across the UK. We are forever innovating new and exciting ways to get your brand noticed, and our bespoke swarm events are testament to that.

We work closely with you to develop an effective advertising campaign that maximises your reach both on the ground and across social media.

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Superb professional advertising company we advertised our business on there large vans for 4 four days with superb results we spoke and booked with neil who explained everything in detail we now use them once per month as they are the cheapest in the country by far.

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    Excellent company and staff really friendly and helpful. Huge Media has a good choice of advertising options to suit all kinds of campaigns and are excellent value for money.

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      5* Company with A 5 Star Review! Neil is really helpful & knows his stuff.

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