Taxi Advertising – Full Livery

Here at Huge Media, we specialise in the Full Livery of London Black Taxis to gain maximum advertising brand impact for our clients. Our Full Livery packages include the wrapping of the bonnet, roof, doors and boot of the taxi. It also includes the interior tip seats for full branding experience.

Benefits of Full Livery Taxi Advertising

Full livery taxi campaigns can be a hugely successful way to promote brand awareness. It can be almost as if your company is purchasing another company vehicle. Full livery taxis are tremendously useful in focused advertising campaigns and help your brand to stand out from the crowd. You can even utilise the skills and personality of your dedicated drivers as brand ambassadors. We have worked with the taxi industry for so long that we have relationships with drivers right across the country who would be willing to promote your products and services. Drivers can be hand-picked and trained to promote your brand. They can even give out samples if you are developing a particular product, or promo material if you have a relevant service that you are looking to promote.
77% of people agree that advertising on black hackney taxis is an eye-catching place for brands.

Contact Us

Contact us here at Huge Media to see how affordable a full livery taxi campaign can be for your brand. We have fitting centres all across the United Kingdom as well as our bespoke built depot in Liverpool, close to the airport.