Vehicle Wrapping

Make an impact with vehicle wrapping, in Liverpool at Huge Media Advertising near John Lennon Airport.

Whether you want to give your car a new look or promote your business, vinyl wraps offer great value. We also offer vinyl graphics and digital print for shop windows and internal, walls, doors etc.

Our vinyl wrapping service is handled entirely in house at Huge Media giving you complete access to design, production, fitting and technical support. Our team will answer all of your questions to help you make the right decision to fit your budget and your vehicle

The services we offer include:

  • Vinyl wraps on part of your vehicle
  • Total vinyl wrap of your car or van
  • Decals to add you logo or marketing message
  • Promotional window wrapping
  • Colour and styling changes to vehicles
  • De-chroming of vehicles

Vinyl wraps on part of your vehicle

If you are going to partially wrap your vehicle, it would be best practice to brand up the sides or the doors. This area of a van or car normally offers a decent flat surface to add your logo and business details. Most impact will be gained when you are parked up or in areas you drive where you can get noticed by pedestrians. Partial vinyl wraps work very well where there is fleet of vehicles or where your budget is more limited. We will always listen to what you want to spend and give you the very best return on your investment.

Total vinyl wrap of your car or van

We have been wrapping the taxis of Liverpool for over a decade. Big brands choose this kind of advertising because it is so effective. A wrapped van – or car – creates a memorable presence for your brand. Research has shown that it is competitive compared to other forms of advertising. The cost per set of eyeballs that you see your message over time works out more economical than many other forms of advertising. Even compared to social media, a mobile advert on your van can give a better return over time. And a bonus is that your newly wrapped vehicle gives you great online content!

Decals to add you logo or marketing message

We can also add more subtle branding to your van, car, or even motorbike. Decals can be places around the vehicle, the door, bonnet and tailgate are effective examples. This is a really economical way to make a change and to increase awareness for your product or service. Often we can still work some contact details into a smaller space. And bright colours or a striking design can boost visibility, see examples on our Instagram Feed.

Promotional window wrapping

To wrap the rear window of a vehicle, we use a special material that means you can still pass your MOT. The ‘perforated’ design means you still get visibility. You will gain traction for your message whilst you are parked up and also reach other drivers whilst you are on the roads. The large flat space allows for a decent amount of messaging, we will advise you on design so your advert remains clear to the target audience.

Colour and styling changes to vehicles

For business purposes or to make your car more attractive we can alter the colour of your bodywork. A number of effects can also be achieved, including matt black and some textures. Some of our customers choose to have just part of their car changed, an example would be altering the colour of the bonnet. Or giving your car a retro look with racing stripes. Other effects can be achieved by wrapping the wing mirrors, the roof or just the boot. You can just wrap instead of paint with our vehicle wrapping in Liverpool, whist you wait!

De-chroming of vehicles

Drivers often do this to make their cars look sleeker. Wrapping the chrome of a black BMW is a great exmple.  The silver around the windows and the front grille becomes black. This achieves a custom look for the car and in many instances will increase the value. The wrapping also protects the elements it is covering to maintain vehicle value. We could also change the chrome to a bright colour if this is the look you are going for.

The Huge Media team is ready to answer any remaining questions you may have, we are standing ready with vehicle wrapping in Liverpool. Come and see us at Huge Media Towers, near to John Lennon Airport.

Once we have an idea of what you want to achieve we will give you some ideas and an accurate, realistic, cost.

We have a fast turnaround services and for smaller jobs we can offer a ‘while you wait’ service. Huge Media towers offers a Covid-secure environment where you can use our Wi-fi and drink as much tea and coffee as you want.

We aim to supply the best job possible, for a realistic price and minimise business disruption. Taking the step to sign write your vehicle for your business could just give you the competitive edge.